Socialism Leads to Suffering, Starvation and Poverty

Many great politicians and leaders of history have remarked upon what socialism leads to and what its true nature is.

Winston Churchill, for example, noted that socialism “is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” He also said that “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Similarly, Milton Friedman remarked that “A society that puts equality before freedom gets neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

And, of course, Ronald Reagan taught that “America’s prosperity was not a gift from the government or anyone else. Free enterprise, not government, is the source from which our blessings flow.”

Finally, Rand Paul’s book, “The Case Against Socialism,” fully tells the story of socialism and why it is an evil system that leads only to horrific, negative outcomes.

Together, all of those leaders and sources point to the same conclusion- socialism leads to starvation, suffering, and misery.

Rand Paul shows the historical evidence of what socialism leads to in his book; here’s a hint, none of it was good. Churchill’s quotations on socialism show that socialism is a system that both always fails and leads only to the sharing of misery.

Friedman’s point is that when socialist nations try to limit freedom to promote equality, they end up getting neither; as a result, what socialism leads to is both an unfree populace and one where the leading, Politburo class is far better off than every other member of society.

Relatedly, Reagan’s point that free enterprise is the source of all economic good, not the government, shows why socialism never works; it relies on the government, not the market, to produce goods. That doesn’t work. Ever.

All of those sources and quotations attack different aspects of socialism. But, when presented together, they get to the root of why what socialism leads to is suffering, starvation, and misery. The “why” is that socialism is both morally and theoretically bankrupt; because of that, socialism leads to only bad things.

Socialism is a morally bankrupt ideology because it is all about handing control to the leaders and limiting freedom, as Friedman hints at. Individual liberty is a natural right; it was given by God to all humanity. Systems like socialism that restrain that liberty in unjust ways are morally bankrupt. As a result of its moral bankruptcy, socialism leads to misery and suffering; humans cannot naturally live in such totalitarian, control-centric, oppressive systems. We need freedom. When it is limited, we suffer and are miserable.

Additionally, socialism is an economically bankrupt ideology. As Churchill and Reagan pointed out in their quotes on socialism, it is an economically disastrous idea because it ignores the basic factors that lead to prosperity. The result of that economic bankruptcy is that socialism always fails and that socialism leads to starvation and misery. Subjects of socialist nations never have enough to eat and are miserable because of their dim economic prospects.

And none of that is just theory. “Real socialism” has been tried. It destroyed Venezuela, turning a once-prosperous nation into a nation full of starving, miserable, impoverished people. If you want to read more examples of what socialism leads to, just read “Socialism Sucks.” It will tell you everything you need to know about the reality of life under socialism.

The facts about what socialism leads to cannot be ignored. A new generation of Democrats is rising to power and they have no attachment to traditional American values. They don’t want to help you live free. they don’t want prosperity. In fact, they don’t even want to make life better for anyone. They just want control, which is something that Margaret Thatcher illuminated in her quotation about socialism.

To get that control, they are pushing for so-called “democratic socialism.” Want to know what “democratic socialism” is? Here’s a hint: it’s the exact same thing as any other form of socialism. What it will lead to is suffering, misery, and starvation. We cannot let it happen here. We need to fight back against the growing socialist threat.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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1 thought on “Socialism Leads to Suffering, Starvation and Poverty

  1. I have relatives in Venezuela. They used to be free, the people got suckered by offers of ‘free’ education and free stuff and most lost everything. Even if you have a little money, there is no food to be bought. Alas history repeats itself over and over and over. People get schnuckered and vote in these crooks. Basically what Socialism means is that the government gets everything and the people get nothing but shamed for wanting things like the right to earn money to feed their family.


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