Born of God’s Blessing, Has The Federal Govt Become a Curse For All Mankind?

George Washington’s original Thanksgiving proclamation called for a day to thank God for the blessings he gave America prior to the war, His providence and protection during the war and His blessing of a peaceful transition to a new form of government.   After playing Washington proclamation of 231 years ago, David Knight commented:

“When we hear politicians talk about responsibility today, you got to ask them, to whom are you responsible? Are you responsible to God? No. Our politicians have allowed and supported the idea that God is to be banned out of the public square, that was never the case. That was something that was invented.”

The idea of a “separation of church and state” was something that came out of a letter of assurance from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists.

Lies about Jefferson, spread during the political campaign, had people afraid that he was going to attack religion, even confiscate Bibles.

“So you had people burying Bibles in their backyards. And so the Danbury Baptist said, are you going to do anything like that? And he said, No, there’s a wall of separation for Jefferson, and that wall was a wall around government. But by the mid 20th century, they put that wall around churches.”

“Now we have politicians who are not just censoring [free exercise in schools], but now they are banning worship services. They’re banning, singing, even IF they allow worship services. We have underground churches that are meeting in America, not talking about as much as they do in the UK.”

“That’s where we are today. Do you think God is going to bless a country like that?”

Two years earlier, when the Constitutional Convention was struggling without success to come to an agreement on a form of government, Benjamin Franklin recalled that during the war they had met daily for prayer.  Why were they not asking for God’s guidance and blessing now, he asked?

David Knight commented,“if we don’t understand that liberty is a blessing from God, if we are going to heap scorn on God, if we are going to engage in religious persecution, this country has some very rough days ahead of it. And even those of us who are not a part of that will be suffering along with that.”

“That’s one of the reasons why God tells us to pray for peace, pray for wise leaders. Let me just ask you: have you seen any wise leaders lately at ANY level of American government? Is THAT not a testimony of God’s judgment? The fools and the clowns that are leading our country? Is that not a testimony of God’s judgment on us?”

As George Washington said in 1783, ‘it has yet to be decided whether the revolution must ultimately be considered to be a blessing, or a curse.’ A blessing or a curse? ‘A curse not to the present age alone. With our fate, will the destiny of unborn millions be involved.’”

“Those words have never had a deeper meaning than when we look at,

The rolling out of a massive program to inject people with untested, untried radical DNA modification vaccine
To incentivize it
To bribe people
To whip people into submission with unconstitutional house arrest
To purge us out of society like we were a leper colony if we don’t take their dangerous drugs. “

“Do you understand the technology that’s involved here? Do you understand the curse that Washington [DC] has become? Not only on Americans, but on the world? The center of this dark research, this bio warfare research. Did this come out of a bioweapons lab? Well, if it didn’t, there will be something coming out of that. Look at these people, Francis Collins, and Fauci at the NIH. They’re not only pushing DNA modification and transhumanism. Oh, yeah. They’re pushing transhumanism very hard. They’re pushing now the Human Connectome Project, all of Washington. You’ve got DARPA; you’ve got BARDA; you’ve got IARPA.  These people are all involved in trying to read and manipulate minds, our minds. They try to manipulate our biology, to track us, to poison us. This government has become a curse on mankind. May God shut it down.”

Alexis de Tocqueville said, “We should not comfort ourselves on the supposition that barbarians are still far from us. There are people who will allow the light to be snatched from their hands, and there are people who stifle it under their own feet.”

“Is that not a description of our generation? Have we not become two groups of people, one of them actively stamping out the light with their feet? And the other group, those of us who are professing Christians, allowing them to snatch it out of our hands.”

David Knight

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