President Reagan on Prosperity

“America’s prosperity was not a gift from the government or anyone else. Free enterprise, not government, is the source from which our blessings flow.” -Ronald Reagan on Prosperity

I think that this quote by Ronald Reagan on prosperity just about perfectly sums up why we need to be mindful of government promises of prosperity.

Yes, the government can implement policies that don’t constrain citizen action enough to limit wealth creation too much and we should always support politicians that promise those policies. But, frankly, any government action will only hurt the economy. The government might be here to help, but it’s like your idiot coworker that offers to help; even if its intentions are benign, its actions will likely end up hurting what you’re doing.

That’s an important fact to remember during this Chinese flu crisis. The formerly booming Trump economy has been devastated by China’s irresponsible behavior, so we’re looking for solutions. Congress voted for a $2 trillion “stimulus” plan that’s not really a stimulus but is rather a government handout and wealth redistribution scheme.

In our efforts to bring back the Trump economy, politicians and citizens alike seem to be forgetting what made that economy so strong in the first place: deregulation, tax cuts, and pro-capitalism policies. That is to say, Trump implemented the magic formula of economic success. Now, far too many people in the US are asking an organization that can’t even handle filling in potholes on time to both rebuild an economy and manage our medical system. Color me skeptical- I see no way in which that’ll work. Instead, it will likely just make everyone worse off and create unnecessary inefficiencies in the economy; Big Government is always worse than capitalism.

So, what should we do to fight off the Coronavirus while also avoiding the virus of socialismUnleash the free market. Let people make their own decisions. If they want to work, eat out, party with friends, etc., then we should let them. If they want to remain hermits to avoid getting the China flu, then let them. Freedom will provide a solution and lead to prosperity in a way that government never will.

Even more importantly, free-market policies will mean that we retain our liberty. Governments traditionally use crises to seize ever-more power, as Jonah Goldberg describes in Liberal Fascism. We can’t let that happen here, which means we need to remember not to trust the government. If you want a prosperous America, then listen to and remember what is in this quote by Ronald Reagan on prosperity and support the free market, not Big Government policies of control! The free market will make you, and the rest of society, prosperous. Big government and government control over the economy will impoverish you and everyone else.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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