Why Tyrants Have no Empathy

Something to think about: The tyrants who will shut down businesses indefinitely, and prevent you from earning a living, will have no problem doing even worse things to you. If they’re OK starving you by denying your right to work, produce and earn a living, then they will have no problem sending you to a political reeducation camp, destroying your industry, and letting millions starve. Just as the lockdowns are all rationalized in the name of “the common good”, so will the next, even worse things they do.

It has all happened before. Stalin, Hitler, Mao. It’s because collectivists, tyrants, socialists and fascists have no regard for the individual. The individual is not an end in him- or herself. The individual is a cog in a wheel, a dispensible factory part to be sacrificed — always — for one version (always the tyrant’s version) of “the common good.”

Most of us have been brainwashed into thinking the common good supercedes the individual good. Yet the entire U.S. Constitution, along with its Bill of Rights, put the INDIVIDUAL welfare at the top of the priority list. It resulted in the greatest civilization in the history of man, the civilization with the least suffering, the least poverty and despair and the greatest justice.

It’s so sad to watch this all play out. America stands poised to go the way of every civilization before it. The difference? America has so much further to fall. Our heights were unprecedented. The fall from America to the standard of living in Venezuela or Cuba will be a much more terrifying one than other declines in civilizations of the past. If people don’t wake up and understand this, it will soon be too late.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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