Conservatives Are No Longer Welcome in America

As events continue to unfold across the nation, one thing has become clear. Conservatives are no longer welcome in America.

One would think that we would be focused on getting rid of this pandemic and the restrictions that are killing our businesses and economy. Or you would think we would be focused on assuring election security, preventing cybercrimes, or perhaps investigating the widespread Chinese infiltration of our businesses and government.

Perhaps we should be focused on family, the holidays, or the good fortunes that we have amid all that is going on. None of those things are the focus at all.

The only focus of everyone on the left is how they can eliminate conservatives from existing in America. Not just from holding political office, or from certain areas of society. The focus is on how to completely eliminate them from existence in any aspect of life.

The liberal assault is on every aspect of life. The New England Journal of Medicine recently said we should start indoctrinating kids with liberal ideas from birth. They must learn to find their gender as they grow older, ignoring the genitalia and hormones that they are born with. It’s just not fair to them to assign a gender at birth.

All through school, the left indoctrinates the youth. They teach them about how horrible America is and how brutal of a nation we have been. We should be apologizing to the world for our atrocities and focused on spreading the wealth to everyone, at the punishment of others’ success.

Conservative ideas are not welcome in college, because accepting such ideas would be supporting white supremacy and white ideology. At least that was the excuse in Oregon as they attempt to throw a college Republican group out of the University of Oregon. All because of something in the background of a picture that was obviously not being supported.

If you do happen to make it out of school and college with conservative ideas, you are going to be canceled from holding a job or enjoying anything in society. If the left has their way, you will have to register as a conservative and be approved for anything you want.

We see businesses that want to restrict the entry and service to those who may be conservative. It is not just Trump administration members, but conservatives as a whole are not welcome. The left seems to believe you should be able to be self-sufficient if you are a Trump supporter.

Keith Olbermann was probably the most honest of all. He wants to prosecute conservatives for their existence and remove them from society. Conservatives are no longer welcome in America.

If you are a Christian on top of it, that is a double whammy. Not only do you deserve all the above, but you are not welcome in public life.

The left likes to cast themselves as the party of tolerance. They are accepting and inviting of alternate lifestyles, ideas, and members. That is unless you are a conservative. If so, you are worthless to them and society.

The attacks on conservatives are only going to get worse. As the push continues for Joe Biden to assume the presidency, he is committed to the removal of your freedom and the elimination of conservative ideas from our country.

The time may come that conservatives are no longer able to shop where they wish, worship where they wish, or dine where they wish. Conservatives may no longer be able to enjoy their freedoms guaranteed to them by the Constitution. Not because America ceases to exist, but because the left eliminates conservative ideas from America.

As the attacks get worse, conservatives must be on guard and ready to fight. They have to be willing to battle for their freedoms and their ideals. They simply cannot trust their representatives to fight for them. This level of abandonment is not just at the federal level but is a cancer in the Republican party at all levels.

In a country that was founded on the ideas of God, small government, and freedom, those ideas are no longer welcome. You are no longer allowed to enjoy or promote those things. Conservatives are no longer welcome in America.null

Jared Dyson is the Editor-in-Chief at The Liberty Loft and host of The Jared Dyson Show. Be sure to subscribe to The Liberty Loft’s daily newsletter. If you enjoy our content, please consider donating to support The Liberty Loft so we can continue to deliver great content.

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