The Transformation of America Into a One-Party State

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) warned against the “ill advised” Democratic impeachment effort against the president, noting that there isn’t support for it in the Senate. [Daily Wire]

Going forward–if we’re real about it–there is just one political party in the U.S. I will label it the UNICRAT party. So dissension within the ranks will be interesting to watch. Manchin is going against the grain by daring to question the self-evidently irrational agenda of Big Media, Big Tech, Big Corporate Socialist Fascist Government, and all the rest. Manchin is no good guy. There are NO good guys in this cabal we call a government. Good guys could not stand to be a part of it. Anyone who is good will not last long …

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair wants a “COVID pass” required for all U.K. citizens (and the current prime minister is listening to him, according to Breitbart News). A COVID pass would be a card showing that you had the COVID vaccine, plus conform to anything else the government sees as desirable. Blair would like to see a COVID pass as a requirement for even leaving the house, or at a minimum to be able to travel on an airplane or go to a concert or ball game. The U.K., so insane it’s on the verge of monitoring people in their bathrooms to make sure they’re wearing masks, will surely go this route. Raise your hand if you think this will happen in the United States. And, if you don’t think so, then who will be in any kind of power to stop it? …

Look! Lefties learned a new word: “Seditious”…think they know what it means? …

When, in human history, has a censored, underground movement consisted of 75 million people?

Without free speech, and without honest elections, where are dissenters to go? How can this end well for anyone?

If the President of the United States may no longer speak freely, the United States is no longer a free country.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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