Do Not Despair

All the bad news is actually a Blessing. For fear of sounding perverse please consider these points. The bad news of Trump not having a second term, the Republicans betraying Trump, the government institutions like the DOJ, FBI, State Courts and Supreme Court betraying Trump and the American people, the degree and scale of corruption by the Democrats to brazenly steal a national election, the media blackout and censoring, and on and on… is a blessing.


Because it allows you to see reality clearly and once you know that, you can move forward. Moving forward means understanding and learning from the past. It means learning not just about the things that are against you and stop you, but the forces that are for you and that you need to move forward. Trump sees the vast numbers of Americans that are on his side. He sees the need to have an independent media. He sees the treachery and fickleness of the Republicans and not to rely on them. This can mean starting a new party — remember Trump is a builder. Even if Trump had a second term how long would it take before the feckless Republicans betray him? It is a relief to be free of them.

So, seeing reality allows one to move forward. Though reality can be harsh it is also a blessing because you can see the truth and make rational calculations knowing both the obstacles and the things that work to your advantage. This was not really a failure, but it is a big opportunity for Trump and the American people to move forward.


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