Biden Regime: Powerful, Maybe, But ZERO Moral Legitimacy

Morally, you owe nothing to a kidnapper. If someone takes you hostage, it’s your right to lie, cheat, manipulate — to do whatever you must do in order to escape and survive.

The same applies when that band of criminals is a government. Even if there were NO election fraud, rights still supercede government. If fifty-two percent of your town (or nation) votes to send you to a concentration camp or a “sensitivity-training” gulag, their majority vote does not give them the right to do so. If fifty-one percent say, “Sure, forcing people to have a vaccination or have other medical procedures seems like a good idea,” they have no moral power to say so.

On the same premise, your next-door neighbor has no right to vote away your medical insurance, your retirement savings, or your ability to buy groceries/fly on a plane/do business with a bank because you won’t wear a mask, or because you voted twice for Donald Trump.

I’ll leave it to you to decide at what point our government has lost all moral legitimacy. Certainly, when a government becomes a complete force for violating the rights of some for the sake of others, we are at that point. Certainly, when a government engages in censorship (even indirectly, through politically rewarded companies like Twitter or Facebook), or disarming the population, we are past a point of no return.

So going forward, remember: YOUR life and your rights come before ANY government … or regime. Even when that regime is headed by someone as towering and inspiring as … Joe Biden.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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