While Free Speech is Possibly Still Free, My Take on Where We Stand

Democrat liberals have neither the ability to be gracious losers or winners. The media and liberal, radical, progressive never Trumpers are bullies, liars, cheaters, frauds, and humorless mentally ill.

These are the PC police, demanding we all conform or die. They are for gun free zones and refuse to allow us to protect our children with armed security in schools. Thank Joe for that!

They are the ones that don’t allow kids a childhood where they can learn to fail and succeed, expand their imagination, fall off their bikes, play outside, get dirty, be mad, have best friends, scrape their knees, get in trouble, hug each other and their teachers, and solve problems on their own.

They’re the weasels who invade our privacy, yet demand theirs. They lack respect and manners and look for things to be offended about every waking moment. They reject the concept of a sovereign nation with protected borders while living behind private walls. They work on taking away our second amendment rights while enjoying armed security for themselves.

They erase and alter our history. They are our nation’s very own version of the Taliban, silencing our music, editing our words, exalting violence in their entertainment, are pro-abortion and anti-death penalty. They demean our virtues, tear down our monuments, teach our children their mantra – not how to evaluate ideas, emasculate and feminize our men. These are the assassins of joy, humor, laughter, and fun.

The same bunch who told us PWJBC using his position of power to have oral sex with a young woman who worked for him, and shove cigars up her hoohaw in the Oval Office, and then wagged his finger at us saying he did not have sex with her, was a private matter and okay. They are the same moral authorities who said it was just about sex, and wail at the idea of PDJT possibly having extra-marital sex. The only one who might have an opinion about that is his wife.

This crew of know it alls are the ones who are all inclusive and tell us what words we can use, what food we can eat, what to think, believe, dislike, etc. Unless we disagree. Then we are shut down, banned, fired, and told to shut up, accept everything they say or be ruined.

They are the pompom girls for the 4% of the population that are gay or sexually confused. They have elevated that group to the norm, and ridiculed the rest of us who don’t practice that lifestyle.

They are the champions of criminals, murderers of babies, malevolent monitors and managers of the American people, arbiters and silencers of speech.

These regulators of toilet paper have never had the misfortune of two-ply failure and touching their own excrement when using the dictated one sheet.

These are the death to religion: mocking and squashing Christians, Jews, and Buddhists, while exalting the religion that vows it will erase all non believers, and regularly maims, tortures, and kills its own. They despise our culture, our Constitution, our anthem, our history, our flag. It’s never about ideas or how to do the best things for America. Instead it is denigrating the opposition personally.

They run as conservatives to win elections and then vote as liberals, arriving with little and once in power, pocket fortunes. They claim to be the saviors of the planet, saying we must do without, while their private limos, yachts, and jets idle air conditioned.

These are the idiots who don’t want anyone to ever lose, and are unable to accept that, by the rules of the game, PDJT won, and they lost. They lost! Their answer to losing is cheating their way to the White House, Congress, and the Senate.

PDJT has pretty much accomplished his promises save those he needed to have Congress to achieve. The next four years are going to be painful, but maybe necessary to gain back the House and Senate by margins that are unbreakable with real Constitutionalists. So, if the American people can make politicians bring honesty of any measure to the voting booth, perhaps there is hope. If not, America is over. The sand is in the hourglass, and time is running out.

Trump said and did what he said he would do. Name one other politician who has ever done that. President Trump is America’s William Wallace. The man who stood for us all and refused to back down. They will hound him and his family to the ends of the earth. We owe him more than we could ever repay.

They are also the backstabbers. They will take down their own at the drop of the wrong word. It’s going to be a very unpleasant four years, my friends. And unless their liberal followers are seriously dipped in cash, maybe enough will wake up to turn things around.

Until then, 86 all things 46. 2022 and 2024 are our last hope and salvation.

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