The Trump Years…Just a Nice Dream

The Trump years were just a dream, it seems. The powers-that-be prop up the ghoulish, decrepit Biden and he issues tons of executive orders reversing all of Trump’s actions. The only thing left standing are tax cuts, which the Democratic Senate will surely reverse and Trump’s judicial appointments which–well, we see how useful those turned out to be. I suppose it just goes to prove that you must first change a culture before you have any lasting impact through government.

Culture refers to things that non-leftists gave up on decades ago–media, schools, universities, even churches. Joe Biden is like a sick joke, leering at the unreformed and nonbrainwashed, as if to say: “Look at what defeated you. We won the culture war, so we can now easily rule you with THIS.” Ultimately, irrationality and evil only have the power given to them by the rational and the good, by refusing to stand up to them, or by refusing to resist them in any way. How this all plays out, in that regard, will tell the tale.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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