Fascism in America

Two of my memes from social media yesterday:

Here’s an inexpensive COVID relief bill: SHUT DOWN the government and leave the economy the hell alone. Cost: $0

Biden doesn’t want to reopen government schools. I agree. Defund them, shut them down and PRIVATIZE education.

From an article entitled, “The GameStop Rally Is a Lively Party, and Regulators Aren’t Welcome”:

“The stock market saga surrounding GameStop has shown that retail investors hold immense potential. Where GameStop gave power to the players, financial apps have given power to the people. These apps have brought investing to the palms of countless hands across the world. Maybe these new investors will “disrupt” the market, but every great innovation was at one point termed a market disruption. This is no different.”

It’s fascinating to watch leftist Democrats rush to use government regulation to protect the hedge fund investors from market losses. Our Uniparty, the Democrats, are now everything they always claimed their conservative opposition to be. Money, not markets, are all these shallow, power-grubbing leftists care about.

From another article entitled, “Why Corporations Should Cater to Consumers, Not Causes”:

“Firms leveraging situations and social issues is not new, but showcasing their moral authority despite a disinterested consumer base is.”

Exactly right. Business is not politics. Businesses should focus on the product or service they’re selling, NOT on political views. Unfortunately, that becomes impossible in a fascist state where government has so much sway over companies via regulation and taxes, that businesses no longer function AS businesses.


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