Blue Funk: US ‘Satisfaction’ Takes Deepest Dive Ever Recorded

The liberal media told us that the election of President Biden was going to yank America out of its dark days plagued by the coronavirus, economic depression, and former President Donald Trump’s tweets, but a new survey shows that U.S. “satisfaction” has hit rock bottom.

In the latest Gallup survey, satisfaction is the lowest the firm has recorded, down to 39%. And the survey started in 2001 showed its steepest one-year plunge, down from 53% a year ago, before the virus swept through the world and when the Trump economy was sky-high.

“Americans’ satisfaction with seven broad aspects of the way the country functions is collectively at its lowest in two decades of Gallup measurement. This includes satisfaction with the overall quality of life in the U.S., assessments of government, corporate and religious influence, and perceptions of the economic and moral climates,” said the analysis.

To be fair, multiple surveys have shown that while the nation is in a blue funk, they also expect good things in the coming year. But the Gallup survey indicated just how high a climb it will be.

In zero aspects ranging from “overall quality of life” to “the moral and ethical climate” did satisfaction increase since January 2000.

And while there were some differences between Democrats and Republicans, both said they were less satisfied this year.

The “bottom line” from Gallup:

With the U.S. battling a global pandemic, the economy still struggling to recover from the associated slowing of economic activity, and political tensions high in the wake of the election that Trump contested, Americans’ views of the country are very different today than a year ago.

This is evident in the decline in Americans’ satisfaction with the direction of the country overall from 41% last January to 11% today. But the specific ratings reviewed in this report fill out the story.

Satisfaction ratings with the quality of life, the moral and ethical climate, the distribution of income and wealth, and people’s opportunity for advancement have declined over the past year to a similar degree among Republicans and Democrats. At the same time, Republicans have grown especially put off by government and corporate power, while Democrats are less content with organized religion. These shifts are likely to influence the way politics and policy play out over the next year and beyond.

Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets

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