Sociopathic Governors Take Pleasure In The Pain They Cause

Some tyrant-governors are lifting a few of their restrictions by almost imperceptible degrees. For example, allowing restaurants to operate at 35 or 50 percent capacity instead of 25 percent after a year of nonstop lockdowns THAT HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING. Wow. Thank you, masters. You know, this is what serial killers do too. A murderer who’s suffocating you will, before snuffing you out completely, occasionally pause to prolong your agony and intensify his sick, evil pleasure at exercising control. These tyrants are even morally lower than a serial killer. At least the serial killer has to live on the run, and will likely face accountability for his crimes. The criminals destroying small businesses in America in the name of health, legality and science? They are lower than the lowest of the low.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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