The Absurd, Cruel Dishonesty of Preaching “Unity”

By “unity”, the occupying forces do not mean authentic togetherness. By “unity” they mean the absence of dissension and opposition. They have achieved the absence of meaningful opposition by rigging elections and imposing censorship on social media. But they will never eradicate dissension. If dissension has nowhere else to go, it will reside in the hearts, minds and souls of individual people–75 million, at last count. It will bubble and fester. No matter how grim things look, that will remain a fact. And it WILL come back to bite them. In Soviet Russia, it took decades. In Maoist China and Nazi Germany, it took a decade. In America of the 21st Century, it could take much less time. But when you suppress the individual rights and dignity of millions, you will, in some way or time, pay for it. That’s not a threat, nor even a promise. It’s just the way it is.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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