Rush Limbaugh, RIP

It is with profound sadness and eternal gratitude that I note the passing of Rush Limbaugh today. A truly great American in all senses of that designation, a brilliant radio artist and the de facto leader of true conservatism in the United States for 30 years, he was truly one of a kind.

Rush’s wife, Kathryn, opened his radio program today with a heartfelt statement to his 25 million+ listeners. I won’t deny shedding a tear or two as I listened to it and tried to take in the impact his loss will have. Talk radio as it has existed for the last generation existed because of Rush. His influence in the country is unrivaled in the history of the media; not just of radio, but of all media in this country’s history. No other single figure even comes close.

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With his passing, there is no obvious replacement, no conservative pundit capable of taking up the torch and keeping the fires of conservatism burning. With no true national voice to guide the way, the loss of this great American will be every bit as impactful as the loss of Donald Trump and his presidency.

God Bless Rush Limbaugh for all he has done for us, God Bless his family and God Bless America.

That, sadly, is all.

David Blackmon

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