Why Conspiracy Theories Steer Us Wrong

Here’s why I generally don’t buy conspiracy theories: They make the good guys stronger than anyone can be, and they give the bad guys more credit than they deserve.

Consider the events of 2020 and early 2021. Conspiracy theories told us the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party (same thing) plotted and brilliantly carried out a scheme to impose coronavirus on America, to destroy America’s economy and divide the country. While there’s no doubt Communists in China and America WANT to do this, they’re not nearly that brilliant. If they were that brilliant, they wouldn’t be Communists. What’s much more likely is coronavirus came on the medical radar, just as similar viruses had in the recent past, and they decided to create a panic. They gambled that the American public would buy it, and then they’d have control over the citizens they never dreamed of getting in Obama’s terms of office. You know the rest.

Totalitarians are modern-day savages. They operate by the seat of their pants and on the range of the moment. They want power. That’s all they know, and all they care about. They range from sociopathic to neurotic/codependent/do-gooders; but they don’t know how to intelligently plan things out. They don’t have confidence in the power of human reason that has brought us so much, and can only truly flourish under the economic freedom of capitalism. They go by emotions, as we know, and like all emotionalists they are cruel in their rule of others and largely mindless in their planning. So don’t give them too much credit.

Conspiracy theories also give the good guys too much credit. How many counted on Trump to “do something” to stop the obvious — and first — political coup d’état to take place in the United States of America? Trump is very smart and amazingly courageous. If anyone COULD have pulled it off, I’m sure it’s him; but it simply wasn’t possible. The bad guys, while irrational and not very smart, could count on the fear and ignorance of millions of people, something that people on Trump’s side obviously underestimated. America is no longer America; we know that because if it was, we wouldn’t be in this situation. Nobody can overcome that. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, brilliant architects of the greatest and most prosperous civilization in all of human history, based on the discovery of the rights of man, could not overcome the ignorance if they tried to establish a “more perfect union” in the United States today. Bad or mediocre people cannot be cured from the outside; only from the inside. This is what totalitarians don’t understand, and it’s also what good guys on the freedom side of the equation have yet to figure out, as well.

Bottom line: You can’t fix stupid. If too few Americans are enlightened or courageous enough to embrace liberty and reject totalitarianism, then no grand conspiracy — orchestrated by Donald Trump, or anyone else — can rescue us.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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