Unrelenting Madness in the Decline of a Republic

Texas repealing mask mandates and lockdowns. Meanwhile, according to Breitbart News, British national health officials and occupation leader Biden are conferring about moving to TRIPLE MASK mandates. This isn’t a virus crisis. It’s a mental health catastrophe. And it’s a civil war. Pick a side. Quickly. #NotMyDictatorship


Even the skewed Harvard-Harris poll shows 71% believe Antifa is a “domestic terrorist group”. 71% are right. And the 29% who deny it are supporters of ACTUAL domestic terrorism.


Biden, before a speech, asks, “What am I doing here?” I don’t know, Joe. I do wish you would GO TO HELL.


Consider the lack of imagination & humor it takes to censor Dr. Suess. How devoid of a soul you must be to applaud it. #NotMyCancelCulture


From Breaking911 and Ben Shapiro on Twitter: BREAKING: Chinese court rules homosexuality can be called a mental disorder (-NYP)

So much for ‘woke’, huh?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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