Fascism & Socialism: The Same Beast

It is not uncommon, especially in a polarized political environment currently enveloping our society today, for radical devotees of a political ideology or agenda to label opponents fascists, or call them Nazis, or Hitler or other such names. In fact, usage of these designations is so common they have almost lost all meaning other than to say, “You’re evil, I hate you” and to paint opponents of an opposing ideology as insane bigots so as to make them a stigma in society. Interestingly enough, most of those who so freely throw out such terms to smear their opponents have almost no understanding of what fascism actually is, or the extent to which they themselves are practicing concepts of fascism in so freely throwing out slanders.

To dispel confusion surrounding the term fascism, it is helpful to first understand the origins and history of how it came about. Fascism gets its name from a symbol embraced in Ancient Rome known as the fasces. The fasces was simply a bundle of rods or sticks with an ax at the center which was bound together with leather strapping.

The symbol was a representation of a collective society bound together with the power of the state at the center indicating one central governing power to which the rods (citizens) were bound to become one collective society. The concept itself was not a new one, it was the same as concept as the Tower of Babel over which Nimrod had the rule. Simply stated, the state stands in the place of God so far as what the law is and in the enforcement thereof; and the people support and serve the state to which they are bound.

It was the state in Ancient Rome which held all power, of which Caesar was the head. Like Babel, the form of government the Ancient Romans adhered to was what we now call socialism. The symbol by which Rome was represented was the fasces, hence, fascism. The very same symbol that can be found in many instances in Washington DC in historical monuments. As for the Romans, in the end it was the ever increasing weight of the welfare system and the corruption of too much power in the hands of too few that lead to the eventual destruction of the empire, a cycle which repeats often throughout history.

The reality is that Hitler’s Nazi party was socialist, Mussolini’s Fascist Party was socialist, and even the Communist were, and are today, practicing socialism, and not true communism, which thus far seems to exist only in theory. This is the irony of those who embrace socialism today who call everyone who doesn’t, ‘fascists’ and ‘Nazis’. The truth of the matter is, socialism is fascism and the tendency of socialism is to complete totalitarianism, followed by poverty, creating the necessity of a welfare system, and finally, ending in the collapse and destruction of society. At its best, socialism is baby fascism. However, in time it matures leaving behind its petty childhood and becomes a brutal oppressor.

All collective societies have a totalitarian head sharing one and the same body: Satan. Spiritually, they are necks of the very same multi-headed-beast with many different heads and faces. The nuances and variations of all the different collectivist cultures are superficial and eventually become meaningless, even should they play nice and pretend to be civilized.

Sooner or later all the heads are eventually cut off, even if only to have a new head grow in its place. Socialism, communism, fascism, radical Islam, and every totalitarian system that exists, did, or ever would exist, is merely a different mask for Satan’s system of rule. Just like the Roman Empire, they are all destined to kill and be killed. They are all the same devil behind different faces. Their destiny is to bring poverty, misery, oppression and death, and afterwards come to an eternal end.

Embedded within socialism is the totalitarian temptation. Once given a foothold, hardly has that temptation ever been resisted over time. The so called free world has long been practicing socialism. It is doubtful it will be restored. More than likely, the once free societies that have now embraced the practices will become just another head of the beast until they too are cut off. The US and other Western-styled nations have held back total global poverty. When the fall of these once free nations to socialism is complete, global depression will follow. It will make the Great Depression seem as though it was not really all that great after all, hardly to mention another bloody bout of world war that it will bring along with it.


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