What Happens to Florida if DeSantis Loses ?

Everyone’s moving to Florida — if not Texas. I get it. Florida has a lot to offer. But the desire of rational patriots to move to Florida rests heavily on the presence of a rational governor — Ron DeSantis. It doesn’t seem to occur to anyone that he might go away. But he could. It doesn’t matter what a majority wants. We saw that in Georgia, right? We know Donald Trump probably won Georgia, as did the two Republican U.S. Senate candidates. It didn’t matter.

Is it plausible to assume that the entire leftist-political-cultural cabal that forced Donald Trump out of the White House might do the same to Ron DeSantis? I certainly hope not. But you’re living in your head if you think it’s not plausible. Stacey Abrams and her army of frauds are undoubtedly even planning now how to accomplish what they have so far, since 2020, accomplished with a 100 percent success rate. You might say, “DeSantis controls the elections in Florida. He won’t let it happen.” I heard the same about Donald Trump. “He’s in the White House. Do you think he won’t use the federal government’s power to prevent widespread fraud?” All I can tell you is: Donald Trump is gone.

My point, as always, isn’t to be negative. It’s to be REALISTIC. At some point, those of us who still cherish our diminishing freedom will have to accept: Elections are not the answer. I don’t have a simple alternative for you. But with elections now being controlled nationally, and by evil persons (Zuckerberg, Dorsey, etc.) who control 95 percent of the flow of information in the world, elections might not be our best alternative.

So: If you live in Florida, or if you’re soon moving to Florida, what’s your plan — if DeSantis loses? And a socialist-Communist-woke Democrat takes over the Sunshine State?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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