Remember 2019 ? Look What the Leftists Destroyed

Remember when the economy was booming back in 2019? I remember people saying, “How can the Democrats possibly defeat Trump?” Well, they did it. Not just with fraud. They frightened half the population and mightily annoyed the other half. Either way, they got submission. And they crushed the economy by simply shutting everything down. They hooked millions on unemployment — like heroin or coke dealers hook people on drugs. They made small businesses dependent on federal “rescue” plans for damage generated by the media and government. Nobody, myself included, fully grasped how evil and calculating these sociopaths in charge of our government, universities, corporations, social media companies and entire culture are. We sure know now.

There will be significant pushback. Millions are still bewildered, in denial or simply hope the actual Communists and fascists in charge don’t mean it all (they do). I can’t predict how, when or what form the pushback will take. I only know: Good and decent people will only take so much. There will be a limit.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Wisdom

1 thought on “Remember 2019 ? Look What the Leftists Destroyed

  1. Odd how we think on the same subjects, but from different angles. My post today has to do with how America has reacted to the new socialist bent of the Democrats (from North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee going Republican to Arizona enacting law to defy Biden on guns to four different sets of lawsuits against the Biden administration by states on different fronts). See it at


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