No Matter What You Think about COVID, it’s Still the Government’s Fault

If you think COVID was an exaggerated crisis and an excuse to establish a regime based on tyranny and control, then you have government (and its media) to blame. If you think COVID was a horrible tragedy unlike other illnesses or tragedies that should have been prevented, then you have government (especially the Chinese government and its arm in America, the Democratic Party) to blame.

Government is virtually always the problem, and virtually never the solution. The only value of government is an armed police force and military–provided those two things are kept in strict check with the sole aim of protecting private property and other individual rights.

Black Lives Matter is catastrophically wrong. They say let’s have NO police but otherwise have unlimited government control and unlimited government services. In other words: Communism. The exact opposite is true. If you want to destroy America, support the collectivism of Black Lives Matter. If you want to save it, support the complete opposite.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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