Donald Trump was so effective at being president the deep state literally had to steal his reelection to get him out of office.

They couldn’t afford to have some political first-timer, an outsider, come in and upset their sweet, back-scratching, self-enriching set-up that took a century to install.

No. Trump had to go, come hell or high water, and if it took destroying our electoral system in the process, so be it.

The RINO faction of the GOP was involved in ‘Operation Dump Trump’ as well, don’t think for a moment they weren’t.

They were being self-enriched and empowered by the ‘old system’ just fine. They didn’t want to see it end, either. But it did the moment Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016.

And now that faction is gone. For good.

Trump was too effective at being a patriot and delivering for our country and all of our people. And Republicans, by and large, don’t want to see him go.

A just-released poll proves the point, per USA Features News:

A new survey of Republican voters found that while most like former Vice President Mike Pence, they nevertheless still prefer former President Donald Trump and his policies more.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 69% of GOP voters have a favorable opinion of the former VP.

But asked who the Republican Party should most be ‘like,’ 64% of GOP voters said Trump, while 24% chose Pence.

It’s among the first surveys to gauge the potential 2024 presidential primary between the two former running mates ahead of the next general election cycle.

Both men have recently emerged back into the political limelight but neither has said definitively whether they will run.

While Republican patriots still have the garbage Marxist deep state to deal with, it’s obvious we won’t have to worry much anymore about the RINOs.

We want Trump and more importantly, Trumpism. We’ve seen its benefits. We’ve seen a glimpse of the promise of our founders and the potential greatness of our nation birthed in liberty.

And we want more of it.

RINOs can’t — and won’t — deliver on that promise. They never did, and they never will.

Duncan Smith

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