Today’s “Journalists”: Bottom of the Heap, Morally

Today’s media may be the most morally disgusting and unforgivable group of sycophants in all of history. Under a full-blown dictatorship, at least, the media advances the government narrative out of fear. It doesn’t mean that many in a state-run media aren’t scum; but many are simply afraid, or don’t know what else to do. It’s harder to morally judge people when they’re under gunpoint.

But today’s media — virtually all of it — are advancing lies and government narratives at the expense of the greatest civilization in all of human history. Why? Because they hate Trump. They don’t know what that means. There wasn’t always a Trump, and they have actually eliminated him (or so it appears). Yet their hate has intensified. So what is it they’re really after? What do they really hate?

Civilization. Freedom. Integrity, intellectual honesty, reason. ANYTHING virtuous and rational … they’re out to destroy it. And, of course, they wish to destroy anything remotely resembling capitalism (although they’re fine with profits for themselves). It’s a civilization from which these horrible people benefited in their education, their creature comforts and everything. They’re destroying us all including, for the most part, themselves — without the government even firing a shot at them (at least yet). How much more reprehensible could ANY group of people be?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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