How America Ends — Unless We Rewrite the End

In America, the system of capitalism once enabled men to become billionaires. After a time, the billionaires turned around and created a hybrid system of Communism and fascism, with the worst elements of each: censorship, wealth redistribution, gun confiscation, rewarding of laziness, elimination of the middle class and protection of an elite class based on pull, connection and political allegiance–anything but merit. These millionaires and billionaires, who prospered because of capitalism, made it so nobody could become billionaires, or even happy middle class people ever again. Not after hyperinflation, stagnation and rampant crime became the new normal. They did so, incredibly, in the name of “virtue” and anti-racism. Their primary weapon against the once great people they vanquished? Unearned guilt. They said if you didn’t go along you were racist, cruel, heartless and “selfish”.

These will be the words of honest historians of the future–unless we massively and TOTALLY reverse course. Immediately. 180 degrees. A total U-turn and reversal of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we are doing.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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