Socialism’s Defenders: Their Stupidity May Cause Your Brain To Spasm

David Harbour, star of the hit movie Black Widow, said during an interview with The Guardian that he doesn’t think “there’s anyone who could disagree with socialist ideology.”

“If you work at Starbucks and you make the coffee, then you should own it,” said Harbour. “You’re the one making the coffee!” The actor went on to explain that his concept of ideal socialism is “a kindergarten-type society where we share things.”

Earth to David Harbour! Earth to David Harbour! The baristas at Starbucks do not “own” the coffee they serve to customers. The coffee is owned by the people who risked their savings to invest in a Starbucks licensed store, or other people who risked a portion of their savings by investing in the company’s stock.

Starbucks baristas are not slaves exploited by a greedy capitalist enterprise, as Democrats like David Harbour would have you believe — they are free at any time to seek employment elsewhere. They exchange their services for compensation that’s agreeable to both sides. Their only “ownership” in the company’s end product is dumping a bag of coffee beans into a coffee machine owned by someone else, and then serving a filled cup, which is also owned by someone else, to thirsty customers. Because they are not on the hook for rent, property insurance, legal & accounting services, utility bills, advertising, business license fees, corporate taxes or anything else, Starbucks baristas incur no financial risk in brewing and serving coffee.

Contrary to the kindergarten-like thinking of economically ignorant Democrats like David Harbour, socialism has never created a single free and prosperous society, but has destroyed many—if you doubt that fact, ask anyone who has fled Cuba or Venezuela or the former Soviet Bloc countries of Eastern Europe.

Socialism has an unbroken trail of failure wherever it has taken root. Each new generation of social utopians think they are smart enough to make socialism work for the first time in human history. But each new false start has led to nothing other than widespread depravation and ruthless oppression.

Despite its empty promises, socialism isn’t about creating a society that’s “fair to all.” Rather, it’s a cynical way for totalitarians to consolidate ironclad political power before a propagandized citizenry realizes what happened.

Finally, socialism is doomed to fail wherever it’s tried, because it is in eternal mortal conflict with the basic human instinct that those who work harder, educate themselves, employ their ingenuity and risk their capital have an inborn expectation to do significantly better than those who don’t. That is an immutable human trait that will never change.

More about socialism’s Big Lie can be found in my recent Blue State Conservative article “Bummer: Cuba’s Freedom Uprising Couldn’t Come At a Worse Time For the Party of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Obama.”

By John Eidson

John Eidson is a conservative political commentator, a patriotic American, and a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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