Divide and Conquer: Critical Race Theory

Dr. Ben Carson:

“Critical race theory, the 1619 Project, what is that really about? It’s about dividing people. It’s about creating the kind of division and strife that allows control. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘divide and conquer.’ That’s what it’s about.”

He’s absolutely right. Even in family tyranny, the tyrant understands this. The way to rule the people around you is to turn them against one another. If you succeed, they do the work for you. What you never could have accomplished through persuasion or rational appeal to self-interest, you accomplish through the willingness of your victims to attack each other. It’s brilliant, but only because people so often fall for it. How heartbreaking to watch the greatest civilization and economic system in human history fall apart with such a childish, simplistic scheme.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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