The Insane Vaccine Dance

I spent part of today reading the Democratic media and their Dr. Fauci. Here’s my takeaway:

COVID vaccines work.

People who didn’t get the vaccine are infecting people who did get it. Yet the vaccines work. Well, they work UNLESS you’re in the presence of someone not vaccinated. Then the vaccine temporarily stops working, it seems.
Therefore, people who don’t get vaccinated are evil. They must be prevented from going to stores, restaurants or theaters. Mandates will soon come. Some say they deserve worse.

Even though the vaccinated will soon be segregated from the nonvaccinated, the vaccinated will still have to return to masks and probably lockdowns–very soon. Even though the segregation of vaccinated and nonvaccinated is supposed to prevent a return to mask mandates and lockdowns, for reasons I cannot yet ascertain this is ALL the fault of the unvaccinated.

It’s so illogical I can hardly breathe. But this is literally what I take away from the Establishment news and the one Party in charge of everything

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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