How the Left Destroyed the Olympics, America, and Western Civilization

A “woke” Olympics, and a “woke” military mean: an indication that our former freedom-loving, rights-respecting, achievement-adoring republic is now occupied by an enemy force. It’s as if the Nazis, the Soviets or the present-day Communist Chinese government had invaded our country and taken it over.

The difference is that this invasion isn’t merely political or military. In such a case, the citizens would resent it, and perhaps even openly rebel. This invasion goes deeper: to the brainwashing of the hearts and minds, the very souls, of the former republic’s citizens themselves.

In a very real sense, we did this to ourselves. Either through succumbing to the brainwashing or — more often the case — being afraid to challenge the brainwashing while it was still possible.

Now it’s too late. Not too late in the sense that it’s all absolutely irreversible. But too late in that the laws, customs, practices and attitudes entrenched are now primarily “woke” ones. They control the government, the corporate world, the majority of the younger generations, the practice of medicine, the entertainment and sports world, and (as we watched, in horror) even the Olympics.

The U.S. has performed poorly in the Olympics. If that isn’t a metaphor for the fall of a once great society, what is?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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