Collectivist on the Left Dehumanizes Us All

Dehumanizing is the act of convincing people that they don’t matter, that they are less significant than the larger whole, that they are not distinct souls, that they are not unique, that they are not created by God, that they are merely putty in the hands of some larger force that they must obey,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently said.

He nails it. Masks and mandatory vaccinations are not about individual rights. They are about obliterating the will and rights of the individual for the sake of society. That’s a far more important issue than a virus in a mostly nonfatal pandemic. The collectivists on the left, who presently rule our schools, media, government and culture understand this. It’s time that those of us on the other side — those who cherish our freedeom, and our individual souls — do the same.

America, in its founding Declaration of Independence, was explicitly based on the rights and sovereignty of the individual. The government was created in order to protect the individual from society. Today, the government overtly acts in the interests of “society” (defined as their own interests) against the individual. Masks and mandatory vaccinations are only the start of a trend. Communism is next, and it’s being legislated (or imposed by executive order) as we speak.

In any society where the individual has no rights, and where individualism has no place, you will suffocate innovation and foster stagnation and despair. Incredibly and tragically, America is headed, on its present course, for the ash heap of history that brought down all other collectivist civilizations.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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