More than Slogans

The $3.5 trillion-dollar spending bill I warned about the other day is revealed as a communist takeover in this excellent article. No one in this audience is fooled by the idea of elections, knowing the method for years, unveiled in the 2020 election because of the desperation of the left. It might startle some of those less attentive, however. Your Republican senators are willing to vote for this, which shows the contempt they have for not only the American people, but the American process, the republic itself.

Understand, this is at a time when Joe Biden’s approval is at 42% of likely voters and 52% disapproval. On the border issue, Biden’s approval in the largely Hispanic border counties is at 39%. There is no mandate to do things like $3.5 trillion Green New Deal legislation that secures Democrat elections forever and still, Republican representatives and senators are waffling around, unable to vote against it. This is a time to hammer this back down the Democrats throats and refuse to vote for anything that is not America First, and still they won’t do it.

So, the question then becomes what can be done about a pack of jackals in the seats of power who have thrown off any restraint whatsoever, who cynically nod and smile about elections, but are really just gaslighting and coercing donations? Knowing what “should” happen is not the question, that’s a word that means nothing, because it suggests that the obligation to act rests with someone else.

The problem with the entire right, is that it seeks solutions to problems, whereas the left only seeks the optics of solutions, the end game always being the destruction of the present in favor of their better future (communism). Each side gaslights its people in order to coerce what money they have not taxed out of their pockets to be forfeited under threat from the other side. But there is no “other” side, it is all one side and it is all communist.

The tendency to seek a restoration of the republic, while commendable, is either impossible under the current system, or impossible all together. Instead of clinging to what was, it would serve everyone better to define what will replace the communist government once it utterly fails as it must.

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