Dissenting Parents Upset Over Critical Race Theory, Masks? Send in the Troops

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has written a letter to Joe Biden, requesting “federal law enforcement and other assistance” to cope with angry parents concerned about their children wearing masks in school all day and learning concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Wow. It just keeps getting better and better.

Biden’s response, as with 100 percent of everything else his party has been doing, will be affirmative. We know that, because collectivism and statism are based on coercion.

Education, of all things, is based on the mind. The mind cannot be forced into thinking. Education should be a context for reasoning and persuasion. At a minimum, the intellectual alternative to Critical Race Theory should be offered at schools. It should be offered at higher level schools, like college, rather than elementary schools where children are too young to fully grasp the concepts.

Public schools are, in the minds of most people, operated with the full consent of the parents. Large numbers of parents object to critical race theory; similarly large numbers of parents object to the permanence of masks. The response of the schools is not to try and persuade them, or to negotiate with them. The response is to send in the troops. The federal troops, no less.

Public schools are government schools. Government is wired and designed to arrest and detain criminals. Governments are not wired to educate, negotiate or persuade. We’re right to have a military, and police forces. The military and police should be used to defeat perpetrators of armed violence. The military and police are NOT supposed to be used to violently and physically crush dissension of parents who do not wish their school-age children to be indoctrinated from a specific (and exclusive) ideological point-of-view. Nonviolent citizens are not criminals. Not in a free society. But as you can see, we are no longer a free society, not in practice.

The government has dropped the pretense. Notice that the same totalitarian DemCom ideologues who wish to “defund the police” simply love the police and armed forces when it comes time to crush the dissent of parents who don’t want their children taught to be Communists.

Watch Joe Biden’s response. It’s not difficult to predict.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

1 thought on “Dissenting Parents Upset Over Critical Race Theory, Masks? Send in the Troops

  1. I saw this too, and it is making me extremely worried. Is the DOJ just looking at actual threats like “I’m going to kill for you teaching CRT”? If so, that’s fine. But what I am afraid of is that the DOJ is looking at people who have strong opinions, speak out, but aren’t threatening violence. I am definitely becoming a critic of public schools. I used to love the idea, but they are transforming into something that isn’t good for kids.


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