How Narcissists Get Their Karma

Narcissists struggle to grasp the concept of interpersonal “goodwill”.

Narcissists think they understand the concept of interpersonal goodwill, but they really don’t.

Goodwill is where you build relationships with people, such that if either person needs help the other person is willing and wanting to help out. To see to it that the other person is ok.

Goodwill is best built, when people are selfless towards others, genuinely. When you do selfless acts for others, many of them will see you are a good person with authenticity and will selflessly help you if ever needed.

Narcissists are not selfless, ever, and so they cannot build goodwill. They often want to come across as selfless, they often do things to make you believe they are selfless, but it is always a bit contrived and overly calculated, and it is clear narcissists do not have the ability to be selfless.

Therefore, you don’t feel genuine goodwill built with a narcissist, because it just doesn’t feel right. There is no goodwill.

Narcissists are always spinning dozens of plates to feel balanced, ok, like they can breath and function. They feel they need to put in a lot of effort, to maintain enough people in their vicinity to give them enough supply to survive.

The moment the plates stop spinning, the narcissist feels doomed. They feel doomed, because they know nobody has goodwill towards them, so unless they can orchestrate things for their survival, they are doomed.

And orchestrating things for their survival, is exhausting and uncertain.

The narcissists karma is they never have peace. They are really scared people. Things can go wrong in so many ways.

And, narcissistic injuries, or worse, are always a step away. And they cannot stop that.

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