Biden’s Collectivist America: A Grotesque Moral Inversion Too Hideous to Contemplate

Take a look at the picture of ships unable to unload products that would otherwise have ended up on American store shelves.

This is what happens when you pay people NOT to work.

All the government had to do was STAY THE HELL OUT. Even if you believe (in opposition to the government’s own 1 percent death rate) that COVID was an epic catastrophe rivaling the Black Plague, the government only made things worse by getting involved.

If people had been left to make up their own minds about handling customers, closing or opening businesses, and the like, then we wouldn’t be in this mess. We wouldn’t have the additional price inflation, and we wouldn’t have the people who got habituated (for more than a year) making money off the government through huge unemployment and other benefits.

The government created wealth (stolen from future generations) out of debt, and paid businesses and employees not to work. It also paid people to stay home instead of going out into the world and purchasing things. This led to a bottled up demand and inability to provide even for normal demand that contributed greatly to the crisis we see today.

Instead of saying, “We were wrong”, and immediately ending all controls and subsidies still making economic progress impossible, our Congress and President are doing precisely the opposite. They are tripling down on government intervention, promising (like it’s a good thing) to make the COVID lockdowns and economic strangulation of 2020-21 seem like nothing.

As the economy continues to falter and (on its current trajectory) ultimately crashes and burns, I wonder how many people will blame the government for the actual catastrophe? Or perhaps they’ll do what that criminal and terrorist, Joe Biden, now does when he blames it all on the private sector for not doing enough. “Blaming the victim” is too kind a phrase to describe what’s happening. Biden and the people he works for are the most twisted, deceptive and sadistic morons ever to inhabit a government, even a corrupt and tyrannical cabal like ours has now become.

It’s madness too impossibly bizarre even to comment upon, much past this point. The moral inversion — the sheer, grotesque injustice and perceptual-level deception taking place right before our eyes — is too hideous to contemplate. And yet here we are. Anyone who voted for this and still supports it all should be counted as a mortal enemy … unless, of course, you consider people who wish to annihilate all of civilization your friend.

Michael J. Hurd

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