Progressives HATE Capitalism, But They Sure Love Billion Dollar Media Giants

Imagine what intelligent life from another planet would think. Americans (the leftists, at least) condemn capitalism, the “evil” rich and profits on principle. Yet they get all their positions and views from a corporate media, a multi-million dollar industry. If capitalism were in fact so bad and evil, why do these self-described progressives accept without question the views of opinion-makers who obtain millions and millions for their jobs? Rachel Maddow, to name just one example, is their Pope of Truth when it comes to hatred of capitalism, free enterprise, economic freedom or the Bill of Rights. Yet she lives like royalty. As do all of them.

They say that masks and endless vaccines — but never, ever any medical treatment — for a virus is science. How do they know it’s science? Because the multi-million dollar corporate media companies say so. These companies wouldn’t say anything wrong; and they wouldn’t say anything false. We know what so-called progressives will claim as science by what MSNBC or CNN claimed just a few hours ago. That’s their standard of science: overpaid actors in front of a camera dispensing what they call “news”.

Leftists used to claim that we are all products and blind followers of the capitalist system — “Madison Avenue” they labeled it — whether we think so, or whether we know it, or not.

Yet today’s leftists are playing out that very assertion in an absurd, grotesque form. “Progressives” are 100 percent the product of what they are told to think. They are smug, unthinking, uncritical followers who perceive themselves as brilliant, unerring and independent wise persons. They make fun of religious people (non-Muslims only) for following the edicts of their various belief systems. But leftists adhere blindly to the multi-million dollar media/news/entertainment world script, the narrative, the Orwellian dissemination of “truth” with an unwavering, unblinking compliance that would make even a Kool-Aid guzzling follower of any cult blush.

I can only imagine what intelligent life visiting from anotherd galaxy would think of America today.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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