Millions and Millions

The United States of America is not America. One is a political construct of the constitution; the other is the land and property owned by people who call themselves Americans. One is sick, corrupt, illegal and immoral. The other is the land and homes that need to be defended from the other. The United States of America is rabid, irrationally attacking those trying to heal it from the poison in its system.

After watching a little bit of Meet the Press, a clip, I was struck by the way every talking head was aghast at the idea of Republicans, and more accurately, America First Republicans getting involved in politics on the local level, i.e., precinct captains, poll watchers, county clerk offices, district attorney offices, etc. They spoke as if those positions were the property, the territory of Democrats and Democrats alone. Any interference with Democrat offices was a threat to democracy.

It boggles the mind how they see election integrity as a threat to democracy. The same people who fell for the Russia hoax, who used that as a means to undermine the authority and legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency for over two years suddenly weep and moan about the threat to democracy caused by Donald Trump pointing out that crimes were committed during the 2020 election. It’s infuriating. The fact that crimes were committed is not in dispute. There’s video tape of it. There have been indictments in Wisconsin charging several members of the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) with felonies. All because one sheriff did his duty and investigated charges of criminal acts. Where are all of the other sheriffs in the country?

The whole thing has been a mind-numbing question as to why no one will do their job and investigate criminal activity. It’s a simple matter. Sheriffs are the ones to investigate crimes and when they find suspects, they arrest them. Then it goes to the district attorney to file charges and make the case, or not. It doesn’t have to be done at the Attorney General or Secretary of State level, because they’ve often proven themselves to be the criminals. Refusing to indict someone based on race or political affiliation is a crime. Many of the officials who have done that are the ones supported by Soros and his never-ending flow of cash. This is not speculation or hyperbole, it’s in the FEC filings where the money for their campaigns came from. No, it doesn’t say George Soros, one has to look into who is the founder and director or chief funding source for these organizations to get to the truth, but it’s all there.

I know they’re all communists and communists complain that their enemies are doing what they’re actually doing. That isn’t lost on me, but what has driven me mad over the past year or so is why good, red-blooded American sheriffs have not done their jobs. Why? In Lies of Omission, filmed in 2016, Matt Bracken could be seen getting physically upset with why the FBI seemed clueless, had sold out, even the rank and file that Hannity so rapidly defends, but it comes back to the “good cop” myth. If there were a lot of good cops in the rank and file, how is it possible that there are bad cops? Wouldn’t the good cops arrest the bad cops? If one tolerates a bad cop, doesn’t that make the supposed “good cop” either mythical or irrelevant? Yes, it does.

America is sick and in many respects it’s dying. Some might say that it has rigor mortis already, but so far, there has been no dedicated effort to save it, so who knows if it’s dying or dead? Where are the people who simply do their jobs? It’s the same with the military. It’s why they swear allegiance to the republic, to the constitution and not fealty to some president. Yes, the president is the Commander in Chief, but he’s not a god and when the Commander in Chief acts illegally and violates the constitution and the congress is so timid, feckless or corrupt that it won’t do it, it’s the military’s job to rectify it. That comes with some serious consequences when it’s a judgment call, but there is no need for a judgment call. The treason is open and deliberate. James Comey is a great example of how brazen the treason was. They should all be taken into custody for what we know happened during the Obama Administration, but no one will do it. Is it, as Bracken asked, fear? Are they cowards? Why will no one do their job? One sheriff in Wisconsin, so far, has done his job. That’s all he did and why there aren’t thousands is the question that dooms this nation.

It’s not just sheriffs, it’s DAs, it’s Secretaries of State, it’s governors. They say there was no election fraud. It doesn’t matter, there were illegal activities that are not only known, but recorded. I hear it constantly repeated that Bill Barr saw no evidence of voter fraud. I don’t recall the great investigation that Bill Barr did that allowed him to come to that conclusion. I don’t recall the arrests and interrogations. I don’t recall the “persons of interest” being broadcast so that they can be taken into custody or, at least, questioned. No, Bill Barr simply made the statement on television on a friendly (communist) national broadcast. The same way that Biden simply went out and said that OSHA would impose rules that would require vaxx mandates, but it was never followed up by anyone, still every employer, every government official jumped on the bandwagon of forcing vaxx mandates. Nothing was passed in the congress. There were no hearings on the different points of view, different sets of data that spoke to the need or risk of such a mandate, it was just uttered like some oracle from the Big Giant Head.

What bothers me the most is that I know for a fact that there are millions and millions of people just like me, who care about their families, their homes, their freedom and their rights as much as I do. I know that they see the corruption. They see the treason. They see the approaching end of the republic. They’ve studied history as much as I have. Some of them have lived that history and know how this ends and it’s a sad ending, a horrible, detestable ending. I know they’re willing and ready to save it, to put the criminals in prison, to hold them accountable for the lives lost during this insane period in our time that allows for such injustices.

What I can’t figure out is why those millions and millions are not working harder to make those people do their jobs. That’s all it takes. This doesn’t have to be a counter-revolution to get our freedoms back, we just need to make these weaklings do their jobs or take their jobs from them and do them ourselves. In every instance, from the cops who arrested beauticians for opening their salons, to district attorneys who looked the other way when people burnt down their cities, to representatives who refuse to make the government come up with a budget and tell us where and how our money is being spent and how that benefits us, not the world, I don’t care about the world. It’s not the world’s money, it’s our money and I want to know how it’s being spent and if enough of us don’t agree with it, they need to end that program, or disband that department. The Department of Justice seems like a good candidate from all we’ve seen. From Bill Barr refusing to investigate the hundreds of thousands of crimes committed during the 2020 election, to Merrick Garland sending the storm troops after Sherronna Bishop in Colorado for challenging school boards, it’s a useless waste of money to those who actually make it and send it to the treasury. But the only people they seem interested in defending are the criminals, especially illegal alien or communist criminals.

Yes, I know this is all the communist plot, it’s the method they use over and over again, but why are those millions and millions allowing it to proceed apace? Where is the justice for Ashli Babbitt? Why are there still political prisoners being held in inhumane conditions because of a protest on January 6th? That was no insurrection. The day might come when they see a real one, but that wasn’t it. Where are the governors on the border enforcing the law? All we need to do is make the people responsible for enforcing the constitution, even the laws on the books, do it. How we manage that is up to the people. I say that one method is to make sure the people do the jobs they were hired to do or remove them from office. We have no need of laws, if no one will enforce them and we have no need of people entrusted with enforcing them, if they won’t do it.

If those millions and millions won’t do that, won’t take the simplest, easiest steps to save the nation from communist rule; if they would rather fight it out; if that’s the only solution they see, they can count me in, because sitting around watching it crumble before my eyes, watching every rule, every law, every principle of freedom demolished by inaction is more than I can take.

We now live in enemy-occupied territory with a hostile government willing to use the police power of the state to force us to do whatever dictate is spouted from the great oracle in Washington, D.C. They clearly view half to two-thirds of the people of this nation as enemies themselves, otherwise why would they act toward us as they do? Why would they beat in our doors, assault us, vilify us, simply because we care about what our children study in school?

Study any genocide you want, it all starts the same, with one group of people dehumanizing and delegitimizing another group and for the villains on Meet the Press, that’s anyone who believes that America is the most important nation on earth; that its people deserve the benefits of their labor; that our veterans and their care and housing are more important than border jumpers and criminals. Sorry, given the choice, I proudly stand as their enemy.

T.L. Davis

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