The Game Being Played on Us

The insanity of the American and Western world is the great sadness of my old age. It is absolutely clear to me now, with the idiotic and groundless fake panic over “omicron,” which is killing no one, that this is the “crisis” our ruling elites have been waiting for; and they will not let go of it. The disproportionality between the enormous and incalculable economic, psychological, educational, cultural, and human damage the covid measures are causing, and the nearly non-existent benefit they are producing, is of no interest to our elites. They know it is not about health, and they are unreachable by argument and facts addressed to that disproportionality.

This is about consolidating their power and inculcating subservience in their populations. They have a long agenda to enact, and for it, they need blind obedience and total subservience. Brexit, Trump, and the AFD in the Bundestag shocked them; they want to make future such expressions of popular resistance impossible. You know their goals – global governance by unelected bureaucrats, open borders, end of the western nation-state and its historic populations, greatly diminished standard of living in the West (while they live large), to save mother earth from another of their non-existent crises, “climate change,” etc. In general, they need a passive population and total control to impose these widely despised, evil changes. And they see covid as their big chance. They will not voluntarily let go of it. They will never give us normal human life back – we will have to demand it.

It is high time for an enormous movement like the one that took place in your homeland in 1989. Only when millions of people go out on the streets happily and courageously and demand their freedom and a totally normal life, we would have a chance to get something like that from our really totalitarian governments and avoid a “China of the West”.

But I fear that the totally unjustified fear that the governments and media are so cleverly spreading through the population has made this impossible. And the few who understand it all don’t want to risk anything.

If something like an enormous movement doesn’t take place, then a wonderful 2500 years of civilization will end.

Jared Peterson

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