With Tyrants, You Have to go on OFFENSE

Fighting tyranny by complaining is not enough. You have to go on the offensive. DeSantis has the right idea. Don’t just block or repeal totalitarian measures. Criminalize the imposition of them. The governors, mayors, members of Congress and Presidents have no moral or legal right to do anything they’re doing. They are at war with the people. At some point, the goal will have to be: stop them by arresting, prosecuting and convicting them. If you conclude it’s not worth it, then you’re surrendering to a life under permanent, always expanding tyranny.

In American history, we ended British rule, abolished slavery and stopped the encroachment of Nazis, imperial Japanese and Soviet Communists. Today’s real and present danger? Totalitarian “Democrats.” They are NOT letting up. They will never accept any kind of defeat. At some point, lovers of liberty must go on the offensive and be the same way. Freedom is slipping away before our eyes.

Michael J Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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