2022: The Year of the Nightmare ?

Christopher Buckley (writing on Facebook, in reference to the picture): Happy New Year, America. We deserve much better.

Me: Actually, politics and government are downstream from culture. (I believe Andrew Breitbart said that.) Nobody as evil AND insane as AOC would have acquired such power and influence unless our culture had gone off the rails. And millions have succumbed. Millions have not succumbed; but millions have. And the evidence points to a majority of younger people wanting this. Well, they’re going to get it.


The only way Republicans can lose Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024? If the media declares medical Armageddon over the flu, most states shut down, Democratic Party officials require mail-in voting, unverifiable voting methods and early morning data dumps.
But, no … that could never happen.


“There is no federal solution.” But the government will enslave you anyway, said the demented dictator.


1940s Americans are known as “the greatest generation.” What will 2020s Americans be called?


For generations, Americans have worried about censorship. The assumption was always: Censorship in America will be imposed by the government. Yet that was always at odds with the First Amendment, which forbids government censorship. But who could know that media and the press would willingly, and voluntarily, hand over objective truth in favor of self-censorship to advance green, socialist and other irrational narratives? And who could know that the self-censorship would become so massive, and so profitable, that gigantic corporations could do what no Soviets, no Mussolini, no Castro, and no Hitler could ever have pulled off so decisively? Mass, willful ignorance disguised as enlightenment; Medieval group insanity disguised as science; open evasion disguised as progressive; and brazen one-party rule disguised as “democracy.”

Wow. They did it. How? Because most of us WANT to be self-deluded. Government has barely had to fire a shot. We did it to ourselves–most of us, at least. We embraced our ignorance and labeled it cool and “woke.” We pay government-run schools billions of dollars to promote self-evident, crude, cheap brainwashing. We put the approval of our equally deluded peers above the most basic, sensory-level objective truths. But evading reality is, by definition, irrational. It will come at a very, very heavy cost.

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