Mondays of Meaning

January 24th, 2021 | Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

This week’s edition will discuss speaking authentically, the theory of enchantment and how to transcend yourself. 

With Regards To Telling If You Are Speaking Authentically

Listen to yourself talk, as if a stranger was talking. Try not to identify too much with what you are saying. Then, observe. See if what you are saying makes you feel stronger, physically, or weaker. If it makes you feel weaker, stop saying it. Try to reformulate your speech until you can feel the ground under your feet solidifying. Then practice only saying things that make you strong.

Stop trying to use your speech to get what you want. You don’t necessarily know what you want. Instead, try to articulate what you believe to be true as carefully as possible. Then, accept the outcome. Assume that your truth, as lived and spoken, will produce the best possible outcome.

It’s an act of faith. But so is every other way of being.

Monday Reflections

“What’s better: To not be afraid or to know that you can handle being afraid?” (Share this on Twitter)

“Make yourself invaluable.” (Share this on Twitter)​

“You deserve some respect. You are important to other people as much as to yourself.” (Share this on Twitter)

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