Is a Constitutional Convention the Answer ?

From the Convention of States on 1/28/22:

BREAKING NEWS: The Nebraska legislature just passed the Convention of States Resolution calling for an Article V Convention to place limits on the runaway power of the federal government!

That makes Nebraska the 17th state to join the movement, putting us halfway to the required 34 states needed to call the convention. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in our favor — 32 YAYS – 11 NAYS.

Momentum is building.

Earlier this week, Wisconsin passed the COS Resolution, becoming state #16, and the South Dakota House passed the Resolution, moving it to the Senate for consideration.

This is our moment in history.

Empty shelves at the grocery store. Vaccine mandates stripping Americans of their freedom and livelihoods. Progressive initiatives infiltrating our schools and teaching the next generation to disdain their heritage.w

We the People will not watch as the “land of the free” becomes unrecognizable. We will not stand by as our children’s futures are mortgaged away by the ruling elite.

With today’s historic victory in Nebraska, the following states are now officially united in this historic effort to end the tyranny of Washington, D.C.: Georgia, Alaska, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arizona, North Dakota, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Utah, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Nebraska!

We’re halfway to the finish line. Let’s finish the job.

For more info. see

In response to this post on social media, some people raised the perfectly legitimate concern that now is no time — given the state of the culture, philosophically — to have a constitutional convention, even a delimited one as the Convention of States proposes.

Here’s my reply:

On our current course, the U.S. cannot continue indefinitely. Some states seek totalitarian dictatorship, while others seek relative freedom. Some states actively sanction election fraud at the expense of victim states (red states). This is flatly unsustainable. It’s probably true that a new Convention would fail. But if you think the status quo is any better, you’re wrong. If nothing else, it might be a way to hasten the inevitable break that’s coming.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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