A Call to Arms


In the last week, Joe Biden’s handlers decided to have Josef Stolen commit an act that was so controversial, so unconstitutional, that it would knock the Afghanistan fiasco off the News Misleadia headlines. It worked, of course, as it would with a willing sycophantic press.

Leaving aside for a moment that this behavior is very reminiscent of Barak Obama’s tenure — and all that the similarities imply — let’s dwell for a moment on his actions.

The two most controversial initiatives and utterances were:

1) That he was going to use Executive Orders to force all businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccinations (or enforce weekly Covid testing), and

2) That if Governors opposed him, he would ‘get them out of the way.’

To the first initiative, it is quite clear that this is an wildly unconstitutional act, with utterly no basis in law. That is not how this nation works. If he wanted such a scenario to be implemented, he should have asked Congress to pass a law, had the Senate ratify it, then signed the bill.

To the second statement, that he would ‘get governors out of the way’: While it sounds like bullying and bravado, Biden actually has a vehicle he can use. It is called the Insurrection Act. It can be used for two reasons: If a State has difficulty with rioting and civil disorder, the Federal government can either be asked by that State, or simply step in, with troops. The second reason it can be invoked is that a State willfully disobeys a Federal law.

The Insurrection Act, written in 1807, has been employed (for the second reason, willful disobedience of a State) several times in our history, one such example (in 1963) being when National Guard troops were deployed to escort black students to the University of Alabama to enforce a desegregation law.

If the States of Florida or Texas refuse to permit or help enforce the (admittedly unconstitutional) the vaccine mandate on companies who employ 100 persons or more, these States risk Biden invoking the Insurrection Act and marching National Guard troops in to force cooperation, or shut those companies down.

The only recourse for those states that wish to defy this unconstitutional Executive Order is to go through the courts on an expedited basis.

So, what are we, the common citizen, to do? Individual acts of violent resistance are possible, but unlikely to cause change, unless very spontaneous and widespread in nature. Organized acts of violence are even less likely to cause change, what with modern surveillance and infiltration techniques available to the Federal powers.

But there is something we can do.

We can stand in SOLIDARITY with one another and RESIST all the unconstitutional acts, both those that exist now, and those that will surely come in the wake of the present lawlessness.

Do you remember, during the Trump administration, how most of his initiatives and efforts were stymied by many who simply refused to comply? Often, they had ‘RESIST’ on blue bumper stickers on their cars. Through the actions of individuals who were imbedded in government, and those who were not, many of Trumps’ initiatives were slow-walked or thwarted. We can do the same.

RESIST. Do not comply with an illegal Executive Order. If you can afford to, make the employer fire you, then lodge a wrongful termination lawsuit, and contact your State to join a class action suit against this illegal executive order. In the meantime, get employment at a company that has 99 employees.

STAND IN SOLIDARITY. Stand together with your compatriots. Do not abandon them. If you know of someone who forced an employer to fire them in defiance of an illegal Federal Executive Order, see if you can support them financially a little. If you can afford to, and are vaccinated already, claim you are not. Force your employer to fire you. File lawsuits. Grind the machine to a halt. Organize, protest, shut things down, just as the left did.

To signal our solidarity, do as the left did: Put a bumper sticker on your car that has the word RESIST on it, to signal to like-minded citizens that we stand together. We will make ours Red, to distinguish ourselves from the leftist.

Do this with absolutely every illegal proclamation that emanates from this out-of-control, Obama-directed White House.


A quick note about this very forum: We have our differences among ourselves. Now is the time to put aside those differences and unite against a common foe: Dictatorship. I don’t care if you are pro-vax. I don’t care if you are anti-vax. I do care if you oppose tyranny. WE MUST STAND IN SOLIDARITY.


This post is in memory of Rush Limbaugh, who passed away one year ago today.

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