Is Ukraine the new COVID ?

See this picture of bombed out Ukraine? THIS is what control for the sake of control looks like. What Putin’s bombs did to these buildings, COVID fascism did to our economy and liberty. In principle, it’s the same. Statism and the people who support statism are destroyers — of buildings, and of spirits as well. I personally blame not just the tyrants like Putin, Biden and company, but also those who support those tyrants and (in Biden’s case) actually voted for him. If you don’t now admit you were wrong to vote for him, or any Democrat, then YOU are the ones responsible for everythiCng that’s happening, and everything yet to come.


Tom Bell : “Ukraine is becoming the new Covid: The trendy issue that people use to virtue signal with, even though they haven’t made the effort to understand all its nuances.”

Yes. But war with Russia accomplishes two things important to the leftist statists who still dominate us. One, it raises the price of gas. Environmentalists want gas high so people will stop using it and use battery or solar power instead. Two, war with Russia will provide an excuse to impose more controls on the population. Starting with the military draft, and moving on to rationing, and the like. Leftists LOVE controls and sacrifice. Not their own sacrifice, of course. Wealthy, elite and connected leftists will not be doing the sacrificing — the rest of us will. They will PRETEND to sacrifice, as they did with masks.

All in all, war with Russia looks like a great deal for the leftists and the hopelessly moronic idiots who applaud them.


Zuckerberg is mad at Putin for blocking him. The fascist has angered the fascist. Let them destroy each other.


“United We Stand; Divided We Fall” (Aesop)

Unfortunately, when we stand for DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE things — like freedom vs. slavery, reason vs. insanity — then we’re going to fall anyway. Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses.


“Wars are the second greatest evil that human societies can perpetrate. (The first is dictatorship, the enslavement of their own citizens, which is the cause of wars.)”

— Ayn Rand

1 thought on “Is Ukraine the new COVID ?

  1. No, I don’t believe that Ukraine is the new COVID (that is, the liberal’s means of imposing their socialistic/dictatorial tendencies). However, I do believe it is their means of distracting from their current failures (their push to an eco-nirvana) and their past failures (spanning from COVID to inflation to foreign policy [Iran deal]).


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