Rand’s Attila and Witch Doctor

In our latest “Draw My Life” video – “My Name is Ukraine” – we travel back in time with our protagonist, whose bounty born of fertile soil “attracted trade from the west and north… but also envy from the east….Mongol hordes invaded, leaving not just ruin, but a poisonous idea, of a strongman to rule and own everything and everyone is his realm.” Later, under communism: “They collectivized my farms, starving 4 million of my people in the Great Famine. Led by the New York Times and Marxist apologists, many in the West stood by, denying this atrocity, but one woman spoke out.”

“Ayn Rand’s family had taken refuge in my Crimea, before she eventually escaped to America, ‘the first society whose leaders were neither Witch Doctors or Attilas, a society led, dominated and created by the Producers.’”  

After the fall of Communism, a new Attila consolidated power in Russia, Vladimir Putin: “His Witch Doctors were the Russian Orthodox Church, and philosophers who wove conservative nationalist visions of a Greater Ethnic Russia.” While the West obsessed over climate change, Putin focused on regime change, invading Ukraine in early March. 

This latest video, launched last Friday, was produced in record time – from conception to scripting, to art, to music, to voiceover and production in two weeks. In the weeks ahead, we’ll continue to feature different perspectives – including strongly divergent ones among our own faculty. One thing that makes The Atlas Society unique is our tolerance of strong intellectual disagreement – even on hot-button topics like the proper US response to the war in Ukraine. If you are interested in hearing how our scholars diverge regarding Ukraine, check our Events Page, where, as you’ll see, Professor Jason Hill will host a two-part series on why “Defeating Russia and Defending Ukraine is in America’s National Interest,” while Professor Richard Salsman is scheduled for a couple of talks on “why Russia legitimately fears NATO, and Ukraine does not deserve U.S. help.” You may also want to check out Professor Stephen Hicks and Robert Tracinski’s previous Current Events panel on Ukraine. We’re adding an additional webinar to allow our scholars to debate, and allow YOU to hear their different arguments, and make up your OWN mind.

Watch Ukraine’s story HERE, the latest addition to our growing Draw My Life library, whose 30 videos you can explore HERE. And stay tuned for our next video release: “My Name is Karl Marx.”

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