Justin Trudeau Extends His Dictatorship — Without a Whimper from Anyone

Canada’s dictator, Justin Trudeau, will freeze all sales of handguns (forever), and (in a few months) require mass confiscation of “assault weapons.”

Canadians should not be surprised. When you leave a dictator in power, he keeps taking more and more. Just weeks ago, Trudeau got away with tripling down on COVID fascism, getting peacefully protesting, heroic truckers fired, and seizing the bank accounts of people who gave even a few dollars to support them.

Now in America, Biden says he only wants to seize “assault weapons”; not handguns, like Trudeau.

Why not everything, Joe? If weapons (not criminals) are the cause of crime, then aren’t all weapons dangerous? If you have a right to seize one type of gun, despite the Second Amendment, then why not all of them?

And if the Second Amendment forbids you from seizing handguns, then how does it not forbid you from taking “assault” weapons too? Aren’t all weapons potential “assault” weapons, by the way? In the hands of a criminal, any weapon is an assault weapon. In the hands of a peaceful person, any weapon is defensive. You cannot wish this distinction away.

Madness. We used to talk about tyranny overseas, in Russia, or Eastern Europe or China. Now we have literal tyranny just over the border, in Canada. And, especially with another rigged election or two in America, we will soon have the same thing here.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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