Why Do Anti-Capitalists LOVE Pharmaceutical Companies?

It’s so funny. Most of the people I still see wearing masks are YOUNG people, late teens and twenty-somethings. I keep reading that two-thirds of young people (at a minimum) want some form of socialism; and that they hate capitalism. Yet they are 100 percent dependent on the judgment of PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, who work for a profit, to tell them to keep wearing masks, get vaccines, etc. The government doctors they follow faithfully, like Fauci, become millionaires through their open alliances with those companies.

I am in favor of capitalism, and against government. I want big (and small) profit-making companies, but I want government to be TOTALLY UNINVOLVED. No subsidies, and no regulations (outside of fraud). Yet most of these young people are AGAINST capitalism. They don’t think people (other than themselves, of course) should be making big profits (or maybe any profits). So how do they justify following BLINDLY the will of gigantic, largely unaccountable (at least with COVID), profit-making pharmaceutical companies?

Michael J. Hurd

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