Mental Health Professionals Will NOT Stop School Killings

New legislation — vaguely worded “red flag” laws — to utilize government-approved mental health professionals to screen for killers?

Wow. I know I will sleep better tonight knowing THAT. How is a left-wing mental health professional who supports Communism, fascism, ecoterrorism, dystopian lockdowns, forced medical experimentation and general Bidenista thuggery supposed to help a would-be killer become a peaceful, benevolent and rational human being?

The overwhelming majority of mental health professionals are frankly idiotic, clueless DemComs who can barely manage their own lives. I know this, from 34 years as a practicing mental health professional. Believe me: They are NOT your saviors. The “bipartisan” charade coming out of the Imperial City is CRAP. As always.

If you care about kids, and want to protect them from violence, then DEFUND government-run schools. Intellectually and literally, these schools are killing fields. Mental health professionals, who should understand this better than most, understand it less than anyone.

Michael J. Hurd

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