What Actually IS an Insurrection?

The definition of an insurrection is a rise against government authority or a revolt. An example of an insurrection is a rebel protest against a dictatorship. An organized opposition to an authority; a mutiny; a rebellion.”

Wasn’t the American Revolution an insurrection, by this definition?

Even if the events manufactured or exaggerated regarding January 6, 2021 really happened, what was being rebelled against, and why? Is a rebellion always and automatically a BAD thing — even if it’s in opposition to tyranny?

Why is it NOT an insurrection to engage in Antifa or BLM violence, while it IS an insurrection even to show up at the Capitol and object to election results for which there is extensive evidence of fraud?

At what point do we start to view our present government as tyrannical? Or is there no point? Can it do whatever it wishes to us whenever it feels like it — and then call anyone who objects an “insurrectionist” even though they are the ones ignoring the Bill of Rights the American government was supposed to uphold?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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