New Deal for Government

  • Here’s the New Deal for Government:
  • 1.) No one shall work in government without first working in the private sector for ten years. This qualification proves you know how to work and have a modicum of intelligence.

  • 2.) No one shall work in government for more than twelve years during their lifetime. This is inclusive of service in local state, federal and tribal government. This provision makes it difficult for an administrative state from becoming established and insured that government employment shall never be a career.

  • 3.) No one shall be employed by government while another direct family member is concurrently employed by government. This ensures that there is no nepotism, either direct or indirect.

  • 4.) No one shall be employed by a government contractor, lobbyist firm, or nongovernmental organization, or other organization that receives tax dollars or grants, including education institutions for a period of five years prior or after employment with government. This stops the tentacles of an administrative state from establishing itself externally to government.

  • 5.) Public service unions shall be illegal. This provision stops tax dollars which are paid to government employees to be used to advocate against the tax payers.

  • 6.) All employment in government shall be “at will”. This allows any government employee to be fired.

  • 7.) Civil Service and Executive Service shall be abolished. These are failed constructs that lead to an administrative state. Current government employee pay schedules shall be abolished.
  • Government employee salaries shall be determined by Congress and shall not exceed the average public sector equivalents when available. This aligns government pay with the private sector.
  • 8.) All government employees are prohibited to receive any gifts from businesses, NGOs, lobbying firms, or government contractors during government employment and for a period of five years prior and after government employment. This stops undue influence of government employees.

  • 9.) All laws shall that apply to citizens shall apply to all government employees and government organizations. This ensures that there is equal application of laws.

  • 10.) There shall be no pension or government sponsored retirement plans. This stops government employees from enriching themselves. Government employees may have Individual Retirement Accounts that comply with the next provision.

  • 11.) Government employee investments shall be limited to broad based “funds” that are consist solely of American based public businesses. Government employees shall be prohibited from purchasing and holding individual stocks, commodities, futures, options, currencies, any derivative, bonds and treasuries during government service and for a period of one year after government service and must be sold prior to government service. This provision stops unequal treatment of businesses by government employees and government policies while stopping government employees enriching themselves.

  • 12.) All government employees that work with in a failed government program shall be immediately terminated upon receipt of a non-compliant annual program review to Congress. This provision requires that all government programs and organizations must be formed with a schedule of measurable goals and objectives for all government programs and organizations to be attached to legislation that establish government programs and organizations created and specified solely by Congress. This provision stops failed government programs from persisting and limits the impact of fruitless employment of government employees. In short, it a protection for government employees and tax payers alike.
  • The consequences of the provisions will probably create a shortage of government employees and restrict the growth of government. Tough schiff.This is my morning thought and writing exercise. I’m sure there is room for improvement.

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