Green Fascism is Here

“Switzerland mulls jail sentences for those heating their homes excessively.”

It’s not just Switzerland. It’s the green movement. The green movement is FULLY in control in California. California has already outlawed gas cars a few years from now. Other states will follow suit — in fact, already are.

You can better believe that today’s “mulling” will be tomorrow’s law. And you can better believe that tomorrow’s law in Switzerland will be the law in California the next day, and most blue states the day after that.

The only thing keeping you safe in a red state is that red state government’s willingness to defy the permanently One Party fascist green establishment in D.C.

Green fascism is the new COVID fascism. Under COVID fascism, governments learned that people will comply if they see everyone else complying, no matter how stupid, unconstitutional, evil, immoral or self-contradicting a directive seems. If police can arrest you for not wearing a mask, they can certainly arrest you for having your thermostat “too high.”

And if the government has no problem inflicting 85,000 armed IRS agents on your private finances (including your bank account passwords), that same government will have no problem sending FBI or other agents into your home to see what your thermostat is set at. Actually, they won’t even need to do that.

Green fascism is here. COVID fascism was the prelude. I predicted all of this back in 2020. The world is full of people in denial, including millions of good people who cannot or will not grasp where we are headed. “Oh no, it won’t happen here. This is AMERICA.”

Keep wishing that.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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