Republicans: Curb Your Enthusiasm

I detest Communism and fascism — the policies of America’s Democratic Party — more than anything. Yet: I have mixed feelings about a Republican blowout victory next week. If it happens, there will be triumphant cries throughout conservative underground media.

But we have to remember: There have been Republican triumphs before, bigger than this one will probably be. And the net result? ZERO. Government has grown, the debt has grown, inflation has returned, taxes have gone up and the number of people dependent on the government dole (especially now with open borders) has gone into the stratosphere.

So curb your enthusiasm. Elections are a great way to send a message. But messages and talk, by themselves, have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to advance the cause of freedom in the years since Reagan left office. Reagan’s terms in office bought us some time. Trump’s term did the same, though because he served only one term, the impact wasn’t too lasting. Congressional victories of Republicans have done nothing. In fact, Obama bragged when he left office (accurately) that Republicans in Congress gave him more spending, taxes and control than Democrats did.

Be excited, but don’t kid yourself. We’re in deep trouble. And even if Republicans win big, the Deep State will act even more destructively than it did after Trump’s victory. The mask is off these rancid statists and we now have, in America, precisely the unwarranted, unlimited government our Constitution was supposed to protect us from, but no longer does. Why does it no longer protect us? Because the people in power brazenly and consistently ignore the Constitution. It means nothing to them. And they hold enough power, even without Congress, to tighten the noose on a population that — so far — seems completely unwilling to fight back.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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